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Dear Friends,

The Prison Meditation Project continues to offer meditation and council practice for incarcerated men at Richard J. Donovan prison. Since 2002, our program has served the prison through establishing community meditation practice within each prison yard. Please help the programming continue to serve these communities in deep need of compassionate healing by becoming a supporter today.

The volunteers, both men and women from interfaith meditation and spiritual communities throughout San Diego, continue to share meditation with those seeking solace through this practice.  Week after week, year after year, we share meditation and council practice with men in prison chapels. Opening our practice to the fellows in uniform behind the walls, we see that freedom is not exclusive.


A man sentenced to life imprisonment came to practice in the chapel. He talked about how he felt because his mother was dying and he could not be there for her. A woman volunteer was able to share how it had been for her when she was also unable to be with her mother as she died. The stillness of compassion through this sharing  in the normally cold prison was profound. In the prison chapel, he was able to freely be his grief.

Prison is really noisy. The men are fortunate if they have two hours of silence out of 24. One of the regular program inmates has been meditating for over 40 years. He’s made a "retreat" out of his imprisonment. He wrote a blues song about enlightenment and sings he is free anywhere he is.

One of the many benefits of bringing in meditation practice every week is that the men who come, and many come regularly, learn how to take each moment truly moment by moment. These men can take the onslaught of insults, racial slurs, rude gestures, and threats of violence and transform themselves on the spot. Continually coming back to the breath through these pitfalls of prison life, we hear of not only their struggles but of appreciations to not take anger inducing incidents personally.

Help us help them. We need your donation today. Consistently providing meditation services is vital to maintaining community practice for these men inside prison. It costs about $450 a month to administer the Prison Meditation Project.  We hope to raise $7,000 to help cover our 2014-2015 costs, If you use the PayPal button below it’s easy to make your gift a monthly one. We also gladly accept checks made out to Prison Meditation Project and mailed to 2727 Highland Ave., National City, CA 91950.

Richard Cummings & Peter Kuhn
The Prison Meditation Project