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Volunteering in the prisons is an extremely rewarding service. There are very few rehabilitation programs these days and the prisons have become more like warehouses. Meditation, council, yoga and other practices are valuable tools for those who are incarcerated to work on dealing with the issues that landed them in prison.

PMP can help those who are soon to be paroled develop the skills to succeed outside of prison. And we help those who will remain for a very long time in prison to do "good time" and find a way to find freedom while incarcerated.

Many of the volunteers say that they receive more than they give. The folks who are incarcerated and who join our program all have a deep commitment to refining their lives. Every time we go into the prison we feel inspired and invigorated in our own practice. You can volunteer even if you have no meditation experience. Since we have two to three hours doing meditation practice, you will soon have some meditation experience.

Please contact Richard if you are interested in volunteering. Email pmp@prisonmeditation.org.

Thank you so much!

We are not allowed to take pictures within the prisons we are serving. The picture above is from a wonderful article in the Elephant Journel about meditation and yoga in prison. Here is the article.